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noun | coun•cil | \ 'kaün(t)-sǝl \

1. an assembly of persons summoned or convened for consultation, deliberation, or advice.

2. a body of persons specially designated or selected to act in an advisory, administrative, or legislative capacity.

Build Your Council 

The origins of our practice stretch back to 1976. We have forged relationships over multiple generations and are proud to be serving our community for over 45 years. By taking a long term perspective and placing emphasis on building deep relationships, we create vested interests in seeing our clients succeed.

Our team of financial professionals continue to help individuals, families, and business owners protect and manage their wealth through incorporation of prudent and innovative financial strategies. Our principles are firmly rooted in educating on areas which could use improvement, and optimizing risk protection strategies, while alleviating tax consequences of wealth building*.

They say life doesn't give you anything you can't handle, but that doesn't mean you have to handle it alone. As you grow, It becomes increasingly important to make sure you have financial professionals by your side; a team who can help evaluate your needs, assess the current economic landscape, and recommend actions that will help protect your family's wealth, lifestyle, and dreams for the future.

Feel free to ask us any complimentary questions. It is our honor to serve and bring value to your life.   

Build your council, and achieve financial health and freedom that lasts a lifetime and beyond!

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*Neither Council Financial and Insurance Services, New York Life Insurance Company,  NYLIFE Securities LLC and its affiliates nor its representatives, provides tax, legal or accounting advice.  Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professional before making any decisions. 

Individual & Family


We provide individuals and families with innovative, cutting edge solutions to help grow, protect, and conserve wealth through all stages of life. Whether you’ve done a lot of financial planning, or none at all, we will meet you where you’re at to bring clarity to where you’re going, and how to get there.


Business Planning


Our team offers a wide array of services to help business owners address their financial needs at every stage of the business life cycle. We're your strategic consultants for employment benefits & insurance services.


Our Professional


To best serve the needs of our clients, we have access to a team of 20+ professionals. They have over 300 years of practical experience as lawyers, accountants, and financial service providers. Across the nation, we can bring value and insight to estate, business, charitable, retirement distribution, and sophisticated life insurance planning.